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How To Request Accommodations At The Fisher House

All potential guests needing accommodations at the Richmond McGuire VA Fisher House should call the Social Work Office line at 804-675-5760 and inquire about availability. The Process: All referrals/consults for prospective Fisher House guests will be made by the patient’s Social Worker or Case Manager (SWCM). The referring SWCM must conduct a screening interview with the potential guest and determine the appropriate need for accommodations. Once all screening criteria is reviewed and satisfactorily met, the SWCM will forward a referral/consult to the Fisher House Staff for processing. The Fisher House Manager or their designee will assess the referral, along with lodging availability and notify the referring SWCM of the status. The referring SWCM will be responsible for notifying the requesting patient of the outcome. All potential guests will be informed about the time to report to the Fisher House for registration and orientation. Should a referral meet eligibility requirements, but the Fisher House has no current vacancies, the approved referral will be placed on a waiting list and reviewed daily. When a suite becomes available, the Fisher House Manager will notify the referring SWCM and offer a room. The Social Worker or Case Manager may work with the individual to identify alternative accommodations until a suite at the Fisher House is available. Please be mindful that Fisher House accommodations are not considered a VA benefit or entitlement and a referral does not guarantee availability of accommodations it’s simply a request for support. The Social Worker, Case Manager and Fisher House staff will do everything possible to support your request during your time of need. We look forward to serving you soon!