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Guest info

How to Request Accommodations

All potential guests needing accommodations at the Central Virginia VA Health Care System Fisher House should call the Social Work Office line at 804-675-5760 and inquire about availability.

All referrals/consults for prospective Fisher House guests will be made by the patient’s Social Worker or Case Manager (SWCM). The referring SWCM must conduct a screening interview with the potential guest and determine the appropriate need for accommodations. Once all screening criteria is reviewed and satisfactorily met, the SWCM will forward a referral/consult to the Fisher House Staff for processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I request accommodations to stay at the Fisher House?

    • In order to stay at the Richmond, VA Fisher House, you will need to contact the Social Worker Case Manager that is assigned to the Veterans care. If you don’t know that information, please call the Social Work office at 804-675-5760 and inquire about the services. The Social Worker Case Manager will assist the potential guest and place a referral for accommodations to the Fisher House Staff.

  • If I am referred to the Fisher House by a Social Worker Case Manager and I qualify, do I get to stay at the Fisher House?

    • Not necessary, a lodging request does not constitute a reservation. All families are accommodated in the home on a first come, first served bases. This is based on the room availability at the time of the request. This is covered in the referral process.

  • Why can’t I just call the Fisher House Manager for a lodging request and not the Social Worker?

    • Fisher House Staff collaborate with the treatment team to support your needs.

      Our VA Social Workers and Case Managers are fully trained professionals that work very closely with the families during the care of the Veteran. Our Social Workers Case Managers are trained to ask all the right questions and to provide referrals and support to assist the Veteran’s family during their time of need. The Fisher House staff manage the process and provides accommodations as space is available.

  • What are my responsibilities as a guest while staying at the Fisher House?

    • All guests of the Fisher House Program are required to follow the terms and conditions of lodging as prescribed on the VA Fisher House Guest Agreement. All guests staying at the Fisher House are subject to the laws and policies of the VA.

  • How do I know if my request for Fisher House accommodations was approved and my family has been assigned a room?

    • The Fisher House Manager will contact the Social Worker Case Manager one business day prior to your arrival. They will contact you and notify the family members that a room is available.

  • When can I check into the Fisher House?

    • We ask that all guests arrive to check in to the Fisher House between 1:00PM & 3:30PM Monday through Friday. If you cannot arrive during normal hours of operation, please contact your Social Worker Case Manager.

  • What happens if I can’t arrive to the Fisher House during normal hours of operation?

    • If a family needs to arrive after normal hours of operation, it’s no problem. Contact your Social Worker Case Manager to request arrangements for a late arrival. The Fisher House staff will drop off your packet at our AOD office located in our Emergency Room. Your packet will have instructions with all the necessary items to let yourself in for the night. We just ask that you see us the following business day to register and receive your orientation.

  • Is there any charge for staying at the Fisher House?

    • There is no charge for staying at the Fisher House however, donations are greatly appreciated.

  • If I decide to donate to the Fisher House, where does my money go?

    • 100% percent of your donation goes to supporting the Richmond Fisher House guests and the home.

  • Are pets allowed in the Fisher House?

    • No, only certified service animals are allowed in Fisher House. Please note, prior to the service animals arrival, it must be screened and approved the the units service chief and the social worker service chief.

  • Does Fisher House have internet service?

    • Yes, we have both DSL and Wi-Fi.

  • Can I have food in the home?

    • There is a full kitchen with amenities to cook your own meals. Each room has designated pantry, fridge and freezer space to store limited amounts of personal goods. Food and beverages are restricted to the kitchen, dining room and outdoor patio. Water is acceptable everywhere, but other food or beverages are not allowed in the rooms.

  • Is there mail service at the Fisher House?

    • Yes, guest can send and receive their personal mail daily from Fisher House at our mail boxes located just outside the home. Your assigned mail box will be the same as your assigned room number. It is extremely important that you address mail to Richmond Fisher House, use the Veteran’s last name and your room number, 1201 Broad Rock Blvd. Richmond, VA 23249.

  • Does the Fisher House provide transportation?

    • No, the Fisher House does not provide transportation, but the homes are on campus and walking distance to the medical center across the street.

  • Does the Fisher House provide Day Care?

    • No, parents are responsible for supervising children under the age of 18 at all times, no exceptions.

  • Are there medical services at the Fisher House?

    • No, the Fisher House is a non-clinical environment and medical care is not provided. Guests should be able to care for themselves or be attended by a caregiver.

  • What are the minimum and maximum I can still at the Fisher House?

    • We strive to accommodate all request, stays are based on the need of the Caregiver or Veteran recovery.

  • How can I support the Fisher House?

      • Sponsor meals from local vendors or make meals for our families in house
      • Donate food, bereavement items, toiletries, paper towels, cleaning supplies, color books, & crafts, games, entertainment
      • Organize a food drive for non-perishable pantry & disposable items
      • Garden vegetables, snacks, coffee, creamers, and quick meal options are a welcome treat
      • Bereavement items for families who lost their loved one: sympathy windchimes, candles, fuzzy socks, scones, blankets, journals, tissues, and comfort items.
      • Disposable products: paper plates, cups, utensils, toilet paper, paper towel,
      • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, cotton swabs, cotton balls, lotion, body wash
      • Commonly used products: dish soap, dishwasher pods, sponges, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, bleach, hand soap,
      • Order from our Richmond Fisher House Amazon Gift Registry