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Guest Agreement

VA Fisher House Guest Agreement

Welcome to the Richmond McGuire VA Fisher House. Below is information which will help ensure your comfort and safety during your stay. Please read and sign this document to indicate you understand and agree to the Fisher House rules and guidelines. Should you have questions, please feel free to ask the Fisher House Manager or a Fisher House staff for clarification. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your stay.

Our hours of operation are: Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 9:00PM and on Saturdays and Sunday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM Check-out is between: 8:00AM to 11:00AM on the morning of the last day of your approved stay unless otherwise approved by the Fisher House Staff & Social Worker Case Manager. Since the House is shared with others, we ask that you make every effort to respect the comfort and privacy of the other guests.

  1. For your safety and the safety of others, the following policies are strictly enforced at the VA Fisher House. Any guest agreement violations may result in guest removal from the Fisher House, (in accordance with VA Handbook 1110.1: VHA Fisher House Program):
    1. Guns, firearms, or any type of weapon or explosives are not permitted in the Fisher House or on VA Medical Center grounds. Note: This also includes the use of any person with a concealed firearms permit.
    2. Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances (drugs) are not permitted in Fisher Houses or on VA Medical Center grounds.
    3. No smoking in, around or near the Fisher House including the use of E-cigarettes. Smoking is only permitted in the VA Medical Center’s designated smoking areas.
    4. Personal appliances or items with open flames such as hotplates, coffee makers, candles and the like are not permitted in the Fisher House.
    5. Disruptive behavior, sexual misconduct, threats, or demands for preferential treatment are not permitted in VA Fisher Houses.
    6. Unauthorized guests are not permitted in VA Fisher Houses. All registered guests are responsible for notifying the VA Fisher House manager prior to additional guest visitation. Guest keys/keycards and privileges are non-transferable.
    7. Intentional damage or removal of VA Fisher House property is not permitted.
    8. No food, or drinks- except water- can be taken to or stored in VA Fisher House bedrooms.
    9. Animals, except service dogs are not permitted in VA Fisher Houses.
    10. Gambling on VA Fisher House or Medical Center grounds is not permitted.
    11. Soliciting, vending or selling on Fisher House or VA Medical Center grounds is not permitted.
    12. All guests are required to adhere to the terms and conditions of lodging services as offered by the VA and follow the instructions of the Fisher House Staff at all times.
  2. Furthermore, by signing below I am indicating that I understand the following:
    1. Medical or nursing services will not be provided in the Fisher House. I am capable of self-care; or I am accompanied by a family member/Caregiver capable of safely meeting my care needs.
    2. Caregivers assume all responsibility and liability for their Veteran at all times while on pass or when residing in the home as a guest. At no time can a Caregiver leave the recovering Veteran unattended within the home.
    3. If I am a Veteran or Active Duty Service member requesting VA Fisher House accommodations during an outpatient episode of treatment, I understand that I am required to be accompanied by a family member or Caregiver while staying in a VA Fisher House.
    4. I currently do not have a communicable disease or condition that can be transmitted to other guests though general contact. I will notify the Fisher House Manager should any change in my current health condition arises during my stay.
    5. Rooms are cleaned prior to guest’s arrival. VA Fisher Houses do not have maid service available however weekly linens service will be provided by the staff. Guests are responsible for the daily general cleaning of their room and agree to maintain their room in a clean presentable condition at all times.
    6. Children under the age of 18 must be supervised at all times. Child care services are not provided at the Fisher House by VA Staff or other register guest.
    7. The Fisher House is a federal facility and the VA police will enforce federal law. VA Police maintain the right to search the Fisher House.
    8. Guests are responsible for any damage to VA Fisher House property.
    9. Due to the privacy of our guests, the Fisher House prohibits media, and equipment in the house without the express coordination with the VA Public Affairs Officer.
    10. Doors are to remain locked at all times, Fisher House is not responsible for lost, stolen or left behind items.
    11. I agree to read the Fisher House Welcome Booklet, familiarize myself with all of the house rules; emergency evacuation procedures; and expectations of guest behavior as it pertains to house harmony, cleaning, visitors and daily living in a community setting.