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Wish List

Richmond Fisher House Program Wish List:

Here are some ideas for donations to support our Veterans, our wounded soldiers, and their families. We will distribute gift certificates according to the needs of individual guests. Your donation may be directed to a particular patients’ family, or your donation can be non-designated and benefit the house in general. No minimum or maximum amount is required. Cash or check donations are welcome. Checks should be made payable to The Richmond Fisher House. Donations are tax deductible.

  • Walmart Gift Cards (for food/groceries, house cleaning and for house maintenance supplies)
  • Home Depot Gift Cards (for the maintenance and repairs for the house)
  • Lowes Gift Cards
  • Target Gift Cards
  • Wal-Mart Gift Cards
  • Tickets to local events and entertainment (individual)
  • Movie tickets/Theater Tickets (for individual families)
  • Tickets to local events and entertainment (individual)
  • Paper products, paper towels, plates, disposable utensils